The BAU team

Full halls, great displays, an outstanding supporting program, and
everything running smoothly. Altogether a very well organized
event and generally no hitches—our exhibitors and visitors regularly
praise our efforts, as well as sometimes telling us what they
don’t like. Time to introduce you to the hard-working (core) team
behind BAU.


Who actually organizes this trade fair? Who are the contacts for the exhibitors? Who does all the planning of space in the halls? Who looks after the infrastructure in the halls, who takes care of advertising and who provides information to the media? Well, the people behind those jobs are a mix of new and familiar faces, some of whom are seen above in the photo.

Leading the whole effort is the exhibition management team, headed by Mirko Arend. He is supported by Markus Sporer (Deputy Exhibition Director, also responsible for Halls B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3), David Krebs (A1, A2, B6, C5, C6), Katharina Fritsch (A3, A5, A6, B5), Wojciech Smieja (A4, B4, C4, West and East Entrances) and Brigitte Fiedler (supporting program). This team communicates with the exhibitors and tries to accommodate their wishes as far as possible.

The person responsible for media work is Johannes Manger (author of this text and overall responsible for BAU MAG). New in the PR team is Alexandra Hörl. Also on board, ahead of the show, is the broadcasting team  consisting of Bettina Schenk, Christine Heufer and Bartek Palka; they look after moving image communication. Marketing (visual identity, concept, advertising, exhibitor services, mailings etc.) is the job of Ana-Maria Vlasceanu  and Lena Zwetkow.

Once all space in the exhibition halls has been allocated, that’s when the Exhibitors’ Technical Services Department (called TAS) comes into play. Electricity, water, sprinklers, booth monitoring, cleaning, telephone and LAN connections— whatever the exhibitors or boothbuilders need, this department and its service partners make it possible. TAS Team 3 has responsibility for BAU, in other words Fabian Schäfer (Head), Michael Lintl, Patrick  Reuter, Jürgen Piendl, Julia Krabbes and Gabriele Dormuth. Also working under the umbrella of BAU is the team of FENESTRATION BAU China, represented among others by Exhibition Director Matthias Strauss and Isabella  Lauf (PR). Not forgetting of course Deputy CEO of Messe München, Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, who has overall responsibility for BAU, along with a range of other trade fairs, and Georg Moller, Head of the Business Unit of which  BAU is a part. All of us extend our thanks to our exhibitors and visitors, because it is they who make BAU into the success it is. We look forward to hearing what they have to say—praise or criticism!