National team trains for WorldSkills 2019

The national team of the German construction industry will again be setting up a training camp at BAU in 2019. In fact this has become part of the tradition at
BAU, as it will be the team’s fourth appearance at the show. This time they are preparing for “World- Skills 2019,” the vocational world championships taking place in the Russian city of Kazan.

At BAU 2017 the then German Minister of Building, Dr. Barbara Hendricks (2nd

from right), visited the training camp and listened to tilers explaining what they
had to do and how in the upcoming competition.

The German national construction team includes the best German bricklayers, tilers, plasterers and carpenters, all of whom will be pitting their skills in the competition against those of their colleagues from all over the world. And so, visitors to BAU can expect to see some truly world-class bricklaying, tiling, plastering and carpentry work. The team members, who qualified via the German championships and other contests, will be demonstrating at BAU the skills typical of those demanded at the world championships. The bricklayers will be building walls in different materials, and in different patterns. The tilers will be laying tiles on walls and floors and doing so in challenging designs. The plasterers will be putting up dry-wall structures featuring decorative plaster components. And the carpenters will be building a timber structure with roof frame. In all the trades the secret lies in  precision, because in the end it is only millimeters that decide between a gold, a silver and a bronze.

The sponsor of the German national construction team is the Central Association of the German Construction Industry (ZDB—Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes e. V.). Principal Managing Director of the ZDB,
Felix Pakleppa, is pleased that “we can again present our team at BAU and our provisional WorldSkills squad for Kazan. At BAU our talented young people can find everything they need for a good training experience: a bustling atmosphere, with lots of things happening, and an audience of professionals who know their trade and watch everything with a critical eye.” The training camp is located inside the East Entrance area.