Together we are strong New advertising motif for BAU 2019 combines the skilled trades and architecture

Getting everybody—planners and builders—to all pull in the same direction is a sensible aim. But in day-to-day practice it’s not so easy. Promoting a more integrated way of working has always been a concern of BAU, which as a
trade fair spans all the trades and professions involved in construction.

So, our new advertising motif represents this cooperation: The architect cannot achieve his goals without the skilled tradesmen, and vice versa. Together they are strong and successful. And together they can find suitable tailormade solutions at BAU.

Digital solutions and tools, as well as BIM, make it easier from the beginning to include all those involved in the building process. Conversely, these solutions cannot be really effective if they do not include everybody. Digitalization does not mean that the trowel and drawing paper will become redundant. On site they will most certainly still be used.  And as symbols for building, including for the future of building, they are more appealing
than a laptop and iPad